About Me


  • Age Range: 25-35
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 160lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Union: Non-Union


Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre (2017)                            The Meisner Technique                                    Grant McGowen

Actor's Workshop (2017)                                    Script Analysis / Character Development        Tim Phillips

Theater in the Square (2016)                               Scene Work / Acting                                        Ghost

The Audition Technique (2016)                          Auditioning / Self-Tapes                                  Greg Apps

Online Acting Class (2016)                                Acting Techniques                                            Kevin Spacey

Drama, Inc. (2016)                                              Improv Level I                                                 Tara Ochs

Drama, Inc. [Ongoing] (2016)                            On-Camera Level II              Catherine Dyer / Jason MacDonald

Private Acting Coach (2015)                              Script Analysis / Improv                                  Ken Feinberg

Online Acting Class (2015)                                On-Camera / Character Development             Dustin Hoffman

Private Acting Coach (2015)                             Voice / Character Development                       Deborah Bowman 

Actor's Workshop (2015)                                   On-Camera / Script Analysis                            Tommy Ford  

Personal Acting Coach (2015)                           On-Camera / Script Analysis                             Frank Faucette

Drama, Inc. (2015)                                              Chubbuck Technique                                        Jerri Tubbs

The Company Acting Studio (2014)                   On-Camera / Stage                                            Chandra Johnson

Atlanta Workshop Players (2014)                       On-Camera / Stage (Workshop)                        Lynn Stallings

TV Series

Saints                                                                  Series Regular                               The Arthouse - Lamont Pierre      

Metropolitan                                                       Series Regular                               The Arthouse - Lamont Pierre

Gritz                                                                    Series Regular                               Faith in ME Productions

​Fatal Attraction                                                   Guest Star                                      I.D. Network - Steven Miller

Homicide Hunter                                                 Guest Star                                     I.D. Network - Jeffrey Woods

Dead Silent                                                          Guest Star                                     I.D. Network - Geoff Shotz​

TJ Jackson

Why I Act


"Tears fill my eyes as I watch the conviction portrayed by an actor/actress on the screen. I think to myself, 'I want to move people in this way.' Whether it's a sad, joyous, or inspirational & motivational moment in the scene, I lose the battle with my tear ducts every time. I can't help but to be motivated to perfect my talent, my gift, that God has bestowed upon me to act.

There are days when I doubt my skill or even passion to work hard in this industry and do what's necessary to 'make it'. But then there are times like watching the speech Denzel Washington gave in a federal court as Reuben "Hurricane" Carter that reminds me of my desire to motivate, encourage, and inspire people from the platform of film/tv. While I would love to act for a living, a nice living, I would love even more the opportunity to help push someone else closer to their dreams from my ability to act." #iAmTJ

Actor | Believer | Brother | Entrepreneur


RFCU Home Loan                                                   Husband                                                  Fantastic Plastic Ent.

Ahmed Family Practice                                           Male Patient                                             Veden Media

Elements of Rest                                                      Young Husband                                       Veden Media


Glengarry Glen Ross                                                 Detective Baylen                                Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre

The Perfect Pastor                                                     Raymond Fuller                                  Zuri Craig      

The Waiting Room                                                    Isaac                                                    Ericka McMillon

He Completes Me                                                      Jonathan                                              Brandon Holland


Bring Me A Dream                                                   Lead                                             Spirit World Productions

Public Perception (Short)                                         Lead                                              Expected End Entertainment

Marriage Counselors (Short)                                    Lead                                              Dreamality, Corp.

Killer Love (Short)                                                   Lead                                             Floyd Hayden             

Swing (Short)                                                            Lead                                             Omar Holland

XXI: O'Day                                                               Lead                                             Brandon Holland

Hell Nawl                                                                  Lead                                             Sharon Allen

Encounter                                                                  Supporting                                    Paul Salamoff                                  

Caught Up                                                                 Supporting                                    Sharon Allen

Regrets                                                                      Supporting                                     Namso Akpan

Sister Sonya's Prayer Group                                     Supporting                                     Keith L. Garside